Mega Monster Bingo

With over $100,000 in Prizes to be WON!

67 Day Left to Get Advanced Tickets

Bingo Info

Advanced Sales Hours: 9am-5pm

Email or Call (705) 253-8718 EXT 235 for info / booking for our monster Bingo.

Reserver Seating – 50 pts or $5

Visa / Master Card accepted


Cards and Prices

Bundle - Advanced Tickets

Minimum 4 $300 Extra Strip $75

Bundle - At The Door:

Minimum 4 – $100 per strip


$5 *must purchase*

1st Special

$5 Each Strip *Extra*

2nd Special

$5 Each Strip *Extra*

3rd Special

$5 Each Strip *Extra*

4th Special

$5 Each Strip *Extra*

5th Special

$5 Each Strip *Extra*

6th Special

$5 Each Strip *Extra*


$5 Each Strip *Extra*

Late Bird

$5 Each Strip *must purchase*


$5 Each Strip *must purchase*

Available Seating

Updated Every Monday

Line Up

"We Are Award Winning"

Garden River Bingo was honoured to be nominated and the recipient of the 2019 Sault Ste. Marie Chamber of Commerce Indigenious Business Award.

We strive to offer our customers the best in BINGO entertainment and are proud to be the number one Bingo Captial in the North.

We are very proud of our staff, managerial team, and will continue to offer our customers an exceptional experience.

Photo Credit: Kevanna Studios